Dear grade 10 and 11 RWA parents,

Are your kids ready to take driving lessons?
Have they been bugging you to sign them up?

Here’s a win-win offer you can’t refuse.

City Driving School, owned by RWA graduates parent Tom Spiegler, is offering to provide driving lessons to RWA students over the age of 15, and to support the Royal West Academy Foundation’s capital campaign by giving back a portion of its proceeds to the Foundation. It’s a generous offer and takes the bare minimum of help from parents of the kids who sign up.

Here is how it works. City Driving School is providing its full service course (see below for what is included in the full package, much more extensive than the minimum mandatory course offered elsewhere) at a special price for RWA students. Instead of $1,049, the price is $895 plus taxes. If the parent chooses to make a $125 donation to the Royal West Academy Foundation, City Driving School will honour the donation as a payment towards the course. When paying for the course, which is possible to do in installments, the parent writes a separate cheque payable to the Royal West Academy Foundation in the amount of $125 and receives a tax receipt for that amount, as well as a receipt from City Driving School as an equivalent payment. It’s easy to pass the generosity forward; visit and click on “Donate Now.” It’s your choice as to how to donate!

After school classes will be offered starting on Wednesday, October 25 from 4-6pm with a maximum of 21 registrants. RWA students, family, alumni and friends are eligible for this exclusive class start date. Classes take place at City Driving School on Queen Mary. We are conveniently located next to the Snowdon metro, less than 30 minutes by public transportation from RWA. The classes are two hours in duration. Subsequent classes may be changed and added very easily, with our online reservation system. There is no need to be concerned about exams, extra-curricular activities, etc. Classes can be made up at future dates because they are modular. Additionally, there is a minimum of 13 months to complete the program. We are used to student schedules and do our best to accommodate your needs. The class dates have been chosen in consultation with RWA and students in order to avoid conflicts in scheduling. Dates and times may be changed to accommodate future academic and extra-curricular activities. In-class session will end in early June.

15 year olds are welcome, but must be 16 years of age to be able to begin in-car driving lessons.

Parents, please remember that this driver education program involves parental participation. We want to ensure that your teen maximises the experience of learning how to drive safely and responsibly, giving everyone involved peace of mind.

Click here to be directed to the City Driving School’s RWA Foundation fundraiser landing page which includes the calendar and registration information. Please browse through it and register securely with PayPal. You may make arrangements via Interac e-Transfer as well. If you prefer other methods of payment, please do not hesitate to call City Driving School 514 738 2211.
Thank you!!

Download Parent Handout

SAAQ Road Safety Education program

Basic program instruction includes:

  • 12 x 2 hours theoretical instruction
  • 15 x 55 minutes in-car practical instruction

RWA Bonus

  • Additional 2 x 55 minutes in-car practical instruction includes City Driving School’s exclusive Teen/ Parent/Instructor in-car coaching session with 2 channel video recording and review. A great learning experience for teen and accompanying parent alike!


  • Online reservation system allows parents to have full 24/7 access to their teen’s online reservation account to monitor/reserve/modify/cancel appointments. Parents receive appointment updates via email and/or SMS
  • In-class workshop includes parental in-class participation * Choice of flexible in-class sessions. In-class absence without penalty.
  • 2 hour in-class SAAQ knowledge test preparation workshop
  • Dedicated website setup and access to online exercises and review of over 500 questions
  • SAAQ theory and practical exam scheduling service
  • Access to SAAQ Road Safety Education Access Binder – in-class and online
  • EXCLUSIVE Video recording of in-car teen / parent / instructor session for review
  • Teen / Parent access to Facebook private group discussions and advice
  • Fully insured dual control vehicle for road test (SAAQ Henri Bourassa)
  • Guaranteed Success program


5047 ch. Queen Mary
Montréal, Qc H3W 1X4
(514) 738-2211 SMS (514) 802-2000