New Light and Sound System

Just in time for Hamlet and the Holiday concert!

Talk about just in time. Thanks to the hard work of Mitch White, Paul Broomberg, Emilio Travisano, all three parents and RWAF board directors; John Davis parent and Stage Manager at Oscar Peterson Hall; Costa Spyridakos, parent and Assistant Director, Material Resources at the EMSB; and Mr. Pita, RWA principal, a new, state-of-the-art light and sound system was installed by the Kloda Focus Group at the end of November. Without them, neither the Bardolators’ production of Hamlet nor the Holiday concert could not have been put on. A big shout out to Harry Kloda from the Kloda Focus Group who took care of the installation in a very quick turnaround time in his busiest time of the year.

The desperately-needed new systems cost around $80,000 plus taxes and include 10 or more new speakers over the stage, sub-woofers on or in front of the stage, over 30 completely adjustable professional theatre lights, and a new mixing board capable of handling two to three dozen inputs simultaneously. According to Davis, the equipment at RWA will be as advanced if not better than what is available at Concordia’s Oscar Peterson Hall.

Ginette Purdy, Honour Band director and RWA music teacher, is very excited by new systems. Her biggest pleasure comes from the fact that for the first time since she has worked at RWA, the students in Honour Band will actually be able to clearly see the scores they are playing when they are on stage.

Of course none of this could happen without your support. To all of you who have donated to the foundation or bought a ticket to the Habs raffle, on behalf of the Foundation, thank you! Had we not raised the $43,000 with the sale of raffle tickets, we would not have been able to purchase this $80,000 state-of-the-art light and sound system. The Foundation is very excited about taking this first concrete step forward to improving our auditorium and transforming it into a real Performance Arts Centre, deserving of our students’ talents. We hope that all those who set foot in the auditorium, whether it be to enjoy Hamlet or any other upcoming production or event, will be impressed by the new light and sound system.